HDMI Slip Rings Introduction

HDMI connector is a kind of digital video/audio connector technique, which is the specialized digital connector that is suitable for image transmission, and voice and image can be transmitted simultaneously with the maximum transmitting speed of 18Gbps. At most 13 simulative transmission lines could be replaced by only one HDMI transmission line that will solve the problem of wires twining together behind the wiring system effectively.
The HDMI slip ring that researched on the base of HDMI connector can finish data transmission between rotary platform and the stationary platform, and it will provide the best solution for the transmission of high quality voice and image signal amount the rotary system elements.

Version 1.4 is supported by the latest product, and it’s compatible.
720p, 1080i, 1080p video transmission is possible.
No data transmission error code and no loss.
Other signals and current rings can be integrated inside.
◈ Appearance shape and installation manners are optional.

Advantaged foreign electroplating technique ensures super long life.

◈ Circuits
◈ Other types of signal, circuit current and voltage
◈ Wire length and connecting manners
◈ Protection grade
◈ Size of appearance shape
Typical applications:HD Video Surveillance, Serial Communication, Industrial Automatic Control

Remark: HDMI products can be transformed by standard products, and can be customized by customers’ requirements totally.