USB Slip Ring Introduction

The USB slip ring is special designed for USB signal. Used for transmit the signal of USB1.0, USB2.0, and USB3.0. With steady transmission, no packet loss, no string of code, return loss is small, low insertion loss, etc.
A new generation of USB3.0 standard provides a theoretical rate of 5Gbps transfer rate, on the basis of the development of USB3.0 communication slip ring can be achieved the data transmission between rotating platform and static platform, in order to solve the rotating system components Between the large-capacity data and signal transmission, providing the best technical solutions. Jinpat in the national leading level on this technology field.


◈ The normal slip ring can transmit USB1.0 signal.

◈ LPC series products with USB connector can transfer USB2.0 signal.

◈ LPT series products inner hole within 80mm can transfer USB2.0 signal.

◈ USB3.0 can be designed base on LPC series products, communication rate up to 1 Gbps.

◈ Can integrate various signal types transmission at the same time.

Product Options:
◈ Number of channels
◈ other signal types, power loop current and voltage size
◈ wire length, wiring method
◈ Protection level
◈ Overall dimensions

Typical applications: high-definition video surveillance, serial communication, industrial automatic control

We can customize all kinds of special slip rings according to your requirements.