Military Slip Rings Introduction

With the development of science and technology, new-type and advanced military equipment are being researched and designed. These equipments need high-standard military slip rings which could rotates at 360°to transfer signal and power at key position so that it could reduce the installation room as far as possible. In order to supply high quality slip ring which complies to the military standards. With our constant effort, we have passed the evaluation of GJB standard (the military products standard) by the authority and acquired the GJB9001B-2009 quality management certificate. It consolidates the leading position of JINPAT in the slip ring field further.

Product Advantage:

  1. Strict and precise technical parameters;
  2. Contact material: gold to gold;
  3. Long lifetime, no maintenance;
  4. Adapt in harsh environments such as: very high or low temperature, shock, vibration, salt fog, high humidity or rain,damp and rain alternately and so on.
  1. Dimensions;
  2. Working speed;
  3. Circuits:
  4. Current and voltage
  5. Protection grade;
  6. Transfer various Signals
Military slip ring are mainly used in scout plane, air defence radar, artillery system, early warning antenna, missile test system and so on to transfer current and signal.

Typical Application:

The vehicle-mounted radar turntable, Rotating turret in military vehicle, Military stir the car, Military robots (Mine), Airborne radar turntable/guidance/air warning system, The shipboard radar turntable, Ship electric propulsion , Radar guided missile launch, defense system, Satellite communication system/remote control system, Scientific investigation.